Florida post construction job leads for $2 each

This is how your job lead report list will look. Some jobs will not have a site contact yet, and some may be missing a street number. But Every job has a primay contact, and ALL JOBS ARE IN PROGRESS, ALREADY AWARDED TO THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR.

Complete Florida Construction Job, Contact, and Company lead package.  

All 1,492 contacts with their email address plus complete Florida general contractor company details  

368 Construction Jobs. Stages ranging from bidding (no gc awarded) to almost complete stage. (30% have the project manager identified)

More information on the full contact and company data package. click here  

This list will contain the high stage job leads and the 2 lower stage job leads. $1.50 each job lead  

Low stage  

1. General contractors are still bidding to be awarded from owner. Many early trades must submit bids at this stage.  

2. GC awarded, but no project manager assigned or we have not identified.  

High stage  

1.job in progress and project manager is related to construction job lead.  

This package allows you to own the state construction industry assets that will create temporary construction job leads for next 10 years.  

We also give you active job leads to last 1 year of bidding, accurate outboud communication, and contract awards.

Order Summary
Complete Florida Construction Job, Contact, and Company lead package.
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